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Closed Captions (Subtitles)
« on: May 28, 2015, 04:59:46 PM »
I got a FetchTV from Harvey Norman (because I was told that it was better value than any other PVR. Hmmmm.

No value to me whatsoever, as it doesn't display subtitles on playback of TV (FTA) recordings (i.e. Channel 10, which has captions available).

I got subtitles with Foxtel, and I read on a forum here that there is a subtitle setting on the Beyondwiz T3, but that had issues with the server upgrade messing recording schedules. I just want accurate FTA recording with subtitles. And as button the remote to turn on/off closed captions.

I've looked at the 4 Tune and the earlier Humax's. Read about the latest (last year???) Beyondwiz. Go no reply to enquiries to buy a Skippa.

So anyone got any advice?

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Re: Closed Captions (Subtitles)
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2015, 05:54:13 PM »
Hi Mark,

I've just found your email to IceTV sales, which arrived 12 minutes ago, and will answer it now. In case anyone else finds this topic looking for info on closed captions the answer is that all PVRs that can use IceTV do have closed captions that can be switched on and off by pressing a remote control button, and the captions are available on all channels (on shows that are broadcast with captions available). If the TV program that was recorded or is being viewed has closed captions you can view them by turning captions on with a button on the remote control.
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