Author Topic: New user having real problems..  (Read 3516 times)

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New user having real problems..
« on: December 28, 2008, 10:40:51 PM »
okay i have a new P1. (still running the boxed firmware as my usb drive is at work, back tomorrow so will update that tomorrow night)

i am using a macbook (alu) and can't for life of me get icetv to work. (this is the reason i got a beyonwiz over a tivo/among others)

i ran through all the setup on the wiz and on the ice tv website, i can log on and my icetv account knows what i named the beyonwiz so i assume i have done everything correctly; when i select a program it just sits on the "in queue" symbol (little red circle with hole)

i just want to be able to use icetv remotely i.e iphone, at work, when i'm away etc..

any help would be awesome, if you're in Adelaide i can supply beer.

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