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Set recordings for your Beyonwiz PVR from anywhere
« on: May 09, 2008, 05:36:28 PM »
Great News... You can now remotely schedule TV shows to record onto your Beyonwiz PVR at home from almost anywhere, thanks to IceTV.

In an announcement made earlier this week - Beyonwiz will become the first PVR range to support IceTV Interactive in Australia and start offering features such as true remote recording to customers allowing them to set TV shows to record onto their PVR at home via IceTV.

In the latest software (firmware) version released earlier this week... Beyonwiz has continued to raise the standard of PVR technology for Australian consumers by integrating not only the IceTV EPG service, but now IceTV Interactive as well.

By supporting IceTV’s exciting interactive features, you can now take advantage of real series recording & remote recording options for your Beyonwiz PVR via the IceTV website, via the custom built mini-site for mobile phones, or when using the all new IceTV Widget.

You can also get instant access to other great IceTV features such as IceTV Recommendations, My Shows, My Upcoming Shows and IceTV’s very own Most Popular TV ratings as well. If you have multiple Beyonwiz PVRs at home you can even select which device you want to use to record. Using the IceTV Interactive features to remotely manage TV recordings will also mean that if your favourite show goes off air for 6 months and then comes back, fear not... IceTV will make sure your PVR goes ahead and records it.

For more information about how you can start enjoying all these great features on your Beyonwiz PVR click ‘here’.

To celebrate the launch of IceTV Interactive support for the Beyonwiz PVR range, IceTV & Beyonwiz would like to offer customers a 25% discount off all IceTV subscriptions. Available for a limited time only, simply go to IceTV’s website, select the IceTV subscription you would like (i.e. 1, 3 or 12 months) and enter the discount code below to qualify.

Important: If you are an existing subscriber or have had an IceTV Account in the past, make sure to enter in your current/previous IceTV username & password to retrieve your IceTV Account details. For current subscribers any subscription purchased will automatically be added to the end of your existing account.

Discount code: "beyonwizgoesinteractive"

Note: You must enter the above code in the discount code field provided (located directly above the IceTV License Agreement) on the purchase page to successfully qualify for the 25% discount. On the following page you will be shown the discount applied and the new cost of the IceTV Subscription before you ‘confirm’ your purchase. The discount code is available from today (09/05/2008) until the end of May.


The IceTV Sales Team.


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