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« on: April 09, 2018, 06:18:55 PM »
It never occurred to me to mention this here, I thought it was a problem in my house.  However, I was just reading a post about a problem with the Humax, so it may not be my problem?
I was having problems that the picture became pixelated, sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes for an entire show.
It was happening on both my T2 & T4. (as I never watch live to air, I wasn't sure if it was the TV or the Wiz) All things being equal, I presumed it was a problem with my antenna, so called my antenna guy.  As he always does, he told me I need to upgrade my antenna.  :(
That seemed to work for a while, now I am getting weird happenings on the T2.  In some instances, a show only records for a few seconds then stops recording.  Last week's 60 minutes recorded for 32 seconds.  This week, two shows showed the title, but no time showing at all, so I am presuming it only recorded for a second.
Two weeks ago, 60 minutes was completely pixelated.
Meanwhile, on the T4....  I just bought a new TV, so not sure if this is a setting problem with the new TV, but every so often the picture blacks out for a second or two
So, do you think the problem is with the Wiz or my house?
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