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Daylight Savings - Changing the time on a DP Lite i
« on: March 31, 2011, 08:27:52 AM »
Hi Guys,

Now that I have actually got my box to work (thanks again for everyone's suggestions), it occurred to me that I may end up back in trouble when daylight savings ends this weekend. Is there a recommended approach that we should follow on Sunday morning to try and minimise the chances of it all going pear shaped?

I figure I'll do the following:
1. Disable IceTV
2. Clear the EPG cache
3. Clear the timers
4. Change the time zone to GMT +10 (I use the NETWORK option) and confirm the time is correct
5. Go to the IceTV website and get it to 'resend all recordings'
6. Enable IceTV again
7. Wait for it all to download and hope for the best

Is this overkill? not enough? I vaguely remember reading somewhere, that we should do a full factory reset - is this what I should be doing?


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Re: Daylight Savings - Changing the time on a DP Lite i
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2011, 09:43:20 AM »
Hi Michael. There are a couple of topics on the Beyonwiz forum about the various chants and incantations that people have used on the Beyonwiz at DST changeover time. The most recent one is from just before the change to DST in October last year. The discussion of what to do starts about here. It was generally agreed that IceTV's instructions at the time (first do a factory reset) were complete overkill - they will work, but involve you completely re-configuring your Beyonwiz.

Probably the best method suggested (best combination of reliability and minimum effort) was Gully's suggestion:
1. Disable IceTV (so it doesn't try to update timers while you're in the middle of this).
2. Clear IceTV EPG cache.
3. Change the DST setting (for AUTO time enable/disable DST as appropriate; for MANUAL or NETWORK time, change the time zone offset as appropriate).
4. In your IceTV My Account>Interactive page, click on Resend all recordings for the device.
5. Enable IceTV, and wait for its next update.
6. Check your timers.

It's also recommended to not use AUTO time for a few days before, and a week or so after, the DST changeover. This is because, more than ten years after the start of digital TV broadcasting in Australia, some broadcasters still mess up the time stamps in their broadcast signal around DST changeover. This is no doubt because the time stamps are in UTC and the following complicated rule must be followed: "UTC does not follow DST. Do not alter the broadcast timestamp clock."

If you're using IceTV, that means you have a network connection to your Beyonwiz. In that case, using NETWORK time as your normal time source will almost always give you better results than using AUTO (or MANUAL) time. The Beyonwiz will synchronise with the configured NTP server at startup and then once a day (if you leave it running).
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