Author Topic: Beyonwiz changes channel when timer cuts in  (Read 1845 times)

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Beyonwiz changes channel when timer cuts in
« on: April 24, 2010, 12:49:51 PM »
Hi, has any one seen this problem?
DP-S1 running firmware Rev 01.05.320

I'm watching live TV on say Channel 2 when a timer cuts in to record a program on say Channel 7. The BW switches to Channel 7 ie I'm now watching Ch 7 live. If I switch back to Channel 2 to resume what I was watching then its the program on Channel 2 that gets recorded. So far I've been unable to reproduce the problem under test conditions

This seems to me like the BW is only using one of its 2 tuners. If I test that both tuners are functional by watching a channel on one multiplex say 9 and recording another say 7. All seems fine. I can also record two channels on different multiplexes without problem.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated


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Re: Beyonwiz changes channel when timer cuts in
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2010, 05:41:43 PM »
This can be a symptom of duplicate LCNs being received. Have a look at the Scanning for Services FAQ on the Beyonwiz forum for more details. This can happen in the Sydney metro area if you receive from both the North Sydney transmitters and one of eithet the Kings Cross or Manly/Mosman transmitters.

The Beyonwiz firmware currently in beta test should make this whole business much simpler.
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