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Has anyone else tried this?
« on: January 24, 2020, 11:52:03 AM »
I've been using pre-release betas and the current beta of the Android IceTV app for a while. Has anyone tried this beta?

The new version is a substantial rewrite of the app, and in now uses the current server API, instead of the old one.

It fixes all the problems with recording one-offs and repeats that I complained of ages ago. It also has a much faster download of the EPG data, and automatically updates the EPG and recording data from the server. There have also been some cleanups that improve the app UI.

There are two issues remaining in the beta that I know of:
  • In Recommended, shows that should be labelled "Coming Soon" in the top bar of their screen are labelled "Friday" (even, in one case, where the show was known to be being broadcast on a Tuesday).
  • The EPG download notification doesn't clear itself, as it did in older versions of the app. This issue seems to have been introduced when the previous app was updated to use newer versions of Android.
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